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What do we think is newsworthy?

Well, it could be something interesting about us, an announcement of a new project, outside media coverage or something that just strikes us as worth sharing.

Oh Piggy!
  We are excited to announce that Oh Piggy! is now available for iPhone® iPod touch® on the App Store℠.  Try it today! You control a little piggy running for its life from the nasty evil spirits trying to possess his porky little hide.  How many spirits can you dodge before […]

Oh Piggy! Now Available

To LLC or Not to LLC
  In this entry we will weigh in on the decision to form a structured business entity or not. To LLC or not to LLC, that is the question.  Many aspiring entrepreneurs get so amped up about their great idea, they hit the ground running at a hundred miles per […]

To LLC or Not to LLC

This is my Domain
    This is my Domain In this entry we will discuss securing a web presence by establishing your domain. When I think of the word domain, images of vast lands filled with kingdoms controlled by mighty kings are conjured up in my mind.  I suppose this is partially due […]

This is my Domain

002_General_or Recruit
In this entry we will discuss the choice to get a job or start a business. One of the biggest life-changing decisions you will ever make is to start your own business.  There are so many pros and cons to doing so that I thought I would focus this  edition […]

General or Recruit

    Time flies.  The old adage that implies that time only flies when you are having fun is bogus.  Time doesn’t stop for anyone or anything.  It doesn’t matter if you are sitting on a beach at some tropical paradise or sitting in solitary confinement.  Time keeps ticking away […]

When the Dust Settles

  hundred and twenty is now available for download for iPhone® and iPod touch® from the App Store℠.  hundred and twenty is the first in a series of games available from Back to Dust Studios LLC™ that allows a user to pick up and get right into the action.  hundred and […]

hundred and twenty

 View from the roof of our studio. Back to Dust Studios LLC was born in the bitter cold month of January 2015.  Our studio space is on the second floor of a beautifully restored live performance theatre in Columbiana, Ohio.  Back to Dust Studios will focus on many aspects of […]

Back to Dust Studios LLC is Born